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The process of applying for council approval can be daunting, the minefield of council submission paperwork has grown exponentially over the years, and these days it’s confusing and complicated. Australia has one of the most highly regulated housing industries in the world; this means that the council submission and council approval process can become the bane of your existence if you are not experienced or prepared, or your designer is not well versed in this side of the development process.

Anyone looking at undertaking renovations or a new dwelling must prepare building plans that comply with not only the National Construction Code (NCC) or Building Code of Australia (BCA) but must also comply with the local government’s development control plans (DCP) and local environmental policy (LEP). Local councils usually implement these controls during the development application (DA) process through the council town planner or assessor. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that your designer has considered these controls during your design process to prevent unnecessary delays or worse a refused application.

Council Submission

What is a DA exactly?

A DA or Development application is a formal request to build or undertake development on your land within the local government are (LGA). The DA is mad up of a mirid of plans forms and documentation that explains the merits of your project to the council and how it complies to the council controls. You may also find yourself in lands that require a bush fire report or flora and fauna statement just to name two; the list goes on and on.

This is where the experience of Rapid Plans is invaluable. Rapid Plans offers an experience level like no others, with over 750 completed projects and 30 years plus in the industry. Rapid Plans is the leader in preparing creative designs that are fully coordinated with council controls and construction regulations. Rapid Plans will prepare your new home design taking into consideration the important council controls and regulations and prepare the forms and documentation required for the submission process. We will provide all the drawings needed for the approval process with complete transparency from the outset, providing everything the council requires the first time. As Rapid Plans has done over 750 successful submission applications chances are we have prepared a project similar to your own.

Step-By-Step Council Submissions Process

We are often asked how do I formulate an action plan to prepare all this information? Our process starts with a no obligation site visit and consultation, this is where Gregg will listen to your proposal take notes on your project brief, and then offer general advice as to how your development will be affected by the council controls. Once this information has been discussed, we will prepare a detailed formal quotation for your review.

Once that you have engaged with Rapid Plans, we start on the next step, which is to prepare the drafting and design concept plans. This includes a site survey if you have not already got one, as it will be required by the council for the submission. The survey is also required for the draft plan so we can show the all-important council controls that may affect your renovation, this will all be prepared for our concept meeting. Now that we have your existing home drawn up as a base, we will organise our next site meeting so we can discuss your project in detail and develop your concept plans. Gregg will now work closely with you to develop your ideas and designs using his skills as a chartered registered Building Designer and Architectural technologist. As Gregg is also a licenced builder with over 25 years of practical experience, he will provide advice on the best way to prepare the structural elements of the building’s design linking these two critical areas together.

Now that you have a full set of detailed concept plans and have agreed on the design, Rapid Plans will prepare all the final plans required for the development application submission. This includes plans such as floor plans waste management, sediment and erosion control, shadow plans and also the important shadow elevation plans, there are many more to list, but rest assured Rapid Plans will take care of all the plans hassle-free. But it does not stop there, you will also be required to provide other documentation for the DA submission. As rapid plans is a one-stop shop, we will also prepare the statement of environmental effects and other supporting documents like flora and fauna statements, riparian lands, and we will also coordinate the external consultants needed for the development application like structural engineers, hydraulic engineers, arborists and town planners all in house and all hassle free.

Rapid Plans Experts Can Help You

It’s clear that these days it’s not just enough to specialise in Building Design and Architecture you also need to have a deep understanding of building construction, council controls and building regulations. These are critical elements of a good well thought out design, there are many elements required these days to prepare a successful design and council submission. It’s widely accepted that a more coordinated approach will provide a better outcome. Rapid Plans well prepared a fantastically designed home for you and also take care of the complicated council and complying development submission process when submitting your development to the council using their unparalleled experience.

Rapid Plans are chartered members of the Building Designers Association of Australia holding multiple design awards. Rapid Plans are registered building designers and members of the Planning Institute of Australia and also provide town planning and council advice. This combined with over 30 years’ experience in the housing industry, Rapid Plans will take the hassle out of the daunting council process by the preparation of plans and documentation for Development Application and Complying Development Applications. Rapid Plans are the experts in the industry, having over 750 completed projects we will provide a service that you can trust. When choosing a designer for your next project, think Rapid Plans the industry leader in council submissions with a sound track record and an experience level like no other, over 750 completed projects and still counting.

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