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What is building Design?

Rapid Plans has the experience to take your ideas through to reality.

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Building Design is more than likely going to be one of the most critical parts of your project, the design is where everything starts. Many people ask, “What is building Design?” A good design must take into consideration your ideas, wants and needs, making sure this works to your budget. This is where an experienced Building designer like Rapid Plans comes in. With over 750 successful projects, Rapid Plans has the experience to take your ideas through to reality.

Choosing the right designer is the key to a successful project, making sure that your designer can communicate your ideas, and who can listen to you is of the utmost importance. Rapid Plans will listen to your ideas and provide constructive advice that incorporates all concepts of your project. Rapid Plans will weed out the real weaknesses and provide an enhanced design that will support your ideas and the outcome, providing a solution that maximises the potential of your development. This benefits in creating a more cost-effective design that will provide far more bang for your buck! The outcome being a design that not only ticks all your requirements but communicates with the existing site and the council controls that must be complied with for a successful submission to the council.

Council Submission

The Building Design Plan Process

During the process, you will need to make sure that your needs and wants are accommodated, all while working around a minefield of regulations, council controls and existing site constraints. Rapid Plans offers a wide range of services that couple together all these requirements.

The Rapid Plans process starts with an initial free site consultation, where we discuss your project in detail and offer you on the spot advice as to the feasibility of your development, this will allow you to truly understand what is involved in the process in preparing your designs. Once we have discussed your project in detail, Rapid Plans will take that information away and will search local council controls free of charge, and provide a detailed formal quotation, that outlines the costs, time and process involved in preparing your plans. Rapid Plans will then send through a formal quote for you to review that provides a detailed transparent list of elements needed for your successful design and council application.

Our Designers Are Right For You

Choosing the right designer can be difficult. Many people think you must engage an Architect to have a great design; this is not the case. All construction projects are required to comply with council controls and building regulations, both building designers and architects cannot escape these requirements, and their designs must comply. This is where the experience of Rapid Plans shines as these days it’s not just enough to specialise in design, you also need to have a deep understanding of building construction, council controls and regulations.

Good building design is a process of combining all these requirements and providing sound alternatives and constructive advice to help you develop a design that is aesthetically pleasing and practical in its application. Registered building designers like Rapid Plans are highly experienced people who have had many years working in the building industry. With over 30 years in the sector, Rapid Plans has an envied level of experience, enabling us to prepare designs that work with any council.

Most building designers and architects will agree that it is their on the job experience that provided them with the knowledge to problem solve and prepare great designs. Rapid Plans have over 30 years of building construction experience, and building designing knowledge. Design qualifications and hands-on knowledge are by far, the best way to learn the art of excellent building design. Rapid Plans offers an experience level like no others, with over 750 completed projects. Rapid Plans is the leader in preparing creative designs that are coordinated with council requirements and construction regulations.

Why You Should Choose Rapid Plans

Rapid Plans are chartered members of the Building Designers Association of Australia holding multiple design awards with commendations in 2018 for best residential alterations and additions, large, and best duplex. Rapid Plans are registered building designers and members of the Planning Institute of Australia and also provide town-planning advice. This combined with over 20 years’ experience as builders, plus, more than ten years experience in building design and preparation of plans for Development and Complying Development applications. Rapid Plans are the experts in the building design industry, with over 750 completed projects and still counting.

There are many elements required these days to prepare a successful project and council submission. It’s widely accepted that a more coordinated approach will provide a better outcome. When choosing a designer for your next project, think Rapid Plans an industry leader in building design with a sound track record and an experience level like no other. Contact us today on 9905 5000 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you with all your needs.

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