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Northern Beaches Development Application

Hassle-Free Development Application on the Northern Beaches

Do you live on the Northern Beaches and require a Development Application? Worry no more. Rapid Plans is an Australian-owned business that specialises in building design and architectural drafting methods, council DA and CC submission services, and Complying Development Certificate (CDC) applications. We cater to a wide range of developments and application types, from small to large projects. Our highly qualified team prides itself on providing complete planning services, whether you have a small building project, a full renovation, or a new build.

The Northern Beaches Council has rules to keep beaches and people safe. Every building project must meet the set regulations to ensure it is ideal and safe for occupation. The process for council approval can be daunting since the paperwork has grown over the years. Furthermore, Australia has the most highly regulated housing industry in the world. As such, you need a designer who is well-versed in this side of the development process.

The Northern Beaches Development Application

A Development Application (DA) is a formal request to build or develop your land within the local government area on the Northern Beaches. The DA is a myriad of plan forms and documents explaining your project’s merits to the council and how it complies with the council controls. Sometimes, you may also need a bushfire report or a flora and fauna statement. This is where our team comes in to help you.

We are leaders in preparing creative designs that fully coordinate with council’s controls and construction regulations. Our team will prepare your new home design, consider the essential council’s controls and regulations, and prepare the forms and documents required for submission. We will provide all the drawing plans needed for the approval process. Our team has handled many cases similar to yours, and we promise not to miss a single detail.

Northern Beaches Development Application
Northern Beaches Development Application

Our Development Application Process on the Northern Beaches

Our development application process on the Northern Beaches begins with a no-obligation site visit and consultation. We will listen to your ideas, take note of the project brief, and offer general advice on how the council controls will affect your development. Our team will then use the information to prepare a detailed formal quotation for your review. Afterwards, our experts will prepare the drafting and design concept plans.

The site visit will enable us to draft the plan required by the council for submission. We will also use it to discuss your project and develop the concept plans. Our experts will work closely with you to develop your ideas and designs and prepare the final plans required for the development application submission. This includes floor plans, waste management, sediment and erosion control, and shadow plans. We will also prepare the state environmental effects and other supporting documents like flora and fauna statements.

Our Rapid Plans team is ready to handle your development application on the Northern Beaches. Call us today to get started.

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