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House Designers Sydney

The Leading Sydney House Designers

Our highly experienced house designers in Sydney strive to ensure you love where you live. With over 30 years of experience in the design industry, we are the perfect partners to help you turn your dream home into a reality. Rapid Plans was established ten years ago on Sydney’s northern beaches to provide design and architectural drafting services to residential projects.

Our director, Gregg Barr-Jones, started the business after realising that clients were struggling to find design consultants and architects at an affordable rate. He also structured the business with minimal permanent staff instead of focusing on developing ongoing relationships with contractors. This setup provides cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Today, Rapid Plans specialises in medium to large-scalealterations and additions, refurbishing existing dwellings, and creating second stories and new living areas. Most of our work revolves around residential projects, but we also handle a small amount of commercial work.

Work with the Perfect House Designer in Sydney

Designing is among the most crucial parts of your building project since this is where everything starts. Our house designers in Sydney will consider your ideas, needs, and budget when designing your home. We are an experienced team that will listen to you, communicate your ideas, and provide constructive advice. Our team will also weed out the weaknesses and provide enhanced design to support your ideas. The outcome of hiring our design team will save you stress and the hassle of getting your building plans approved by the local council.

The submission to the council is a complex process that requires a lot of paperwork and an understanding of the building industry. Fortunately, our team has dealt with this work multiple times. We provide a more coordinated approach for an excellent outcome and ensure your building project flows smoothly. We will be happy to assist you with all your needs.

House Designers Sydney
House Designers Sydney

The Perfect House Designers for Your Project in Sydney

Choosing the right house designer in Sydney is essential, especially since all construction projects in Australia must comply with council controls and building regulations. Our Rapid Plans team understands the building construction industry and council controls and regulations. We can combine these requirements and provide professional and constructive advice to help you develop an aesthetically pleasing and practical application. Moreover, we are highly experienced and can prepare designs that work with any council.

Our design process begins with an initial consultation to discuss your project. We take that information, search for local council controls, and provide a detailed formal quote. Our quotes outline the costs, time, and process of preparing the plans. The quote also provides a detailed and transparent list of elements needed for your successful design and council application. We guarantee that our designers will accommodate your requirements to deliver a home you will love.

Our house designers are Sydney’s leaders in preparing creative designs coordinated with council requirements and construction. Call us today.

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