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Architectural Drafting Sydney

Sydney’s Leading Architectural Drafting Services

Our professionals in Sydney offer quality architectural drafting services that produce flawless concepts with accurate technical details and specifications. We have a team of qualified and highly experienced draftsmen that can provide expert advice and transform your ideas into a modern building. Moreover, our members understand the importance of working closely with clients to achieve top-notch results. For this reason, we will listen to you and interpret your brief to best suit your needs.

Our drafting services at Rapid Plans include all documentation required for council submission. As an Australian-owned business, we know everything about council approvals. So, we can help you prepare plans that will be approved and use our expertise to get the process done quickly. We can assist with developing your ideas, whether you want a renovation project or new building construction. Our team will offer a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to selling your home.

Get Quality Architectural Drafting in Sydney

Our experienced team prepares a draft plan following on-site measurements to create a final house plan. This marks the initial stage of your home design process for home additions, renovations, and extensions. The draft plan consists of the existing site and drainage plans, floor plans, elevations, a foundation plan and a roof plan. The information in the draft plan is always project-specific and includes working drawings, engineering designs, and certifications. Our draftsman will present the documents to your local council for approval.

We can submit only one set that addresses planning and construction detailing if the plan is straightforward. However, a complex design requires submitting separate sets of plans. The council approval process depends on the state and local planning legislation, strategies, controls, and policies that address specific issues. The rules and regulations differ depending on where you live or where you wish to build. While this may be daunting, our architectural drafting team in Sydney understands the process and will help you.

Architectural Drafting Sydney
Architectural Drafting Sydney

Sydney’s Preferred Architectural Drafting Team

Every construction project in Sydney must have professionally drawn plans to submit to an approval authority (council or certifier). A rough sketch is unsuitable for additions, renovations, or new buildings. For this reason, it is wise to hire our Sydney team, which can provide quality architectural drafting. With over 20 years of experience, we can work on any design, regardless of its complexity. Our team will listen to you and create a design that meets your needs. We will also ensure that all controls meet the development standards set out in the legislation for the council.

Our draftsperson caters to various developments and application types, from small to large projects. We are committed to ensuring a seamless process. Moreover, we have over 750 completed projects and will provide a service you can trust. Rapid Plans has everything you need when it comes to architectural drafting services.

Architectural drafting is critical when preparing a successful design and council submission in Sydney. Call our team today for unmatched drafting services.

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