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Bilgola Plateau Design, Drafting and Planning Services

Are you living in Bilgola Plateau and Needing Building Design and Architectural Drafting Services?

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Building Design & Architectural Drafting Services in Bilgola Plateau

At Rapid Plans, our professionals service the Bilgola Plateau area in Building Design & Architectural Drafting methods, Council DA and CC Submission Services, and Complying Development Certificate (CDC) applications.

We are a fast and inexpensive solution for obtaining design, drafting and planning for your next construction project. Our services include:

  • Sustainable Design: One stop-shop for design, drafting methods, council DA & CC services and complying development certificate
  • Council Submission: All included documentation required for council submission, at affordable pricing
  • Renovations: We assist with developing your ideas. Offering smooth, efficient, cost-effective alternative.

Rapid Plans pride themselves on the fact they are able to provide a comprehensive Planning service. Our experts provide upfront, efficient and genuine alternatives to selling your home. Regardless of the size of your project, Rapid Plans are delighted to offer you a service of the highest quality.

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Our Quality Service

Our experts in Bilgola Plateau have experience in the building construction sector, along with the design and drafting sector, which surpasses more than twenty years.

Our initial consultation service involves a client meeting then followed by an initial client ideas and expectations then we organise a concept brief, followed by a cost estimate and a consultation advice phone call. When you work with Rapid Plans you’re receiving premium service.

Here at Rapid Plans, we are customer focused. Call or email us today for a free quote. If you have any queries about our services or experience, please contact us directly by using our number on our website and simply fill in our contact form. Our experts in Bilgola Plateau will contact you as soon as possible with an obligation free quote.

Rapid Plans are chartered members of the Building Designers Association of Australia and offer an efficient, all-inclusive service for your building needs. Our professionals provide a purpose-built package for council submission to suit your unique requirements.

What Information Do You Need To Know?

At Rapid Plans in Bilgola Plateau, we make sure you have the right information before you submit a DA. To lodge a DA, fill out the form, which involves details on what you need to provide in order for your application to be processed. Such as plans, reports, certificates etc. Our professionals in Bilgola Plateau assist you from developing ideas to lodging your application.

It is imperative to understand what steps will need to be taken prior to a development application. At Bilgola Plateau Rapid Plans, we are here to make the process easy for you.

Step 1: You must recognize what areas are authorized on your property and what limitations may arise. It is important to know what controls apply to the projected development. Search your property on the Northern Beaches Council website.Click Here

Step 2: Make a note of potential design issues that may arise, it’s environment, development controls affecting the proposal and any risks that could affect any future plans.

Step 3: Ask your neighbours and surrounding community members to aid them in understanding the proposal. If any concerns surface, be sure to negotiate and come to an agreement.

DA Approved

After your DA has been approved, two more steps must be completed before building can commence.

  • Obtain a Construction Certificate.
  • Appoint a Principle Certifying Authority (PCA)

If you have any questions, please contact Bilgola Plateau Rapid Plans today on 9905 5000 or email on gregg@rapidplans.com.au. We are here to assist you through every step.

(02) 9905 5000